The Elements Behind Every Experience

Being a full fledged event company, we are proud to offer a holistic range of services to cater for your every need

Event Management Technical Support Content Production

Event Management

The core of our business, event management is the most essential component of every successful event.


This is where it all begins - the drawing board. We generate the “big idea” of an event based on the brief given by the client.


Putting the ideas to work, we implement all the requirements of an event according to the expectations and budget given to us.

Eventscapping & Show Production

We scape the entire event, from the music to the visuals, to ensure the optimum experience for every guest. Our dedicated team of experienced show producers are also tasked to inject the most spectacular experience into every show.


We work with a plethora of vendors and suppliers to ensure that our events will materialise smoothly.


Behind the scenes of an event, our people are on hand to ensure that everything is moving according to the plan.

Talent Management

We manage talents of every kind, from emcees to models, entertainers, performers and celebrities.

Technical Support

Our technical expertise ensures that the tools available are capable of delivering captivating experiences to your audience.

Sound Design

Our team of experienced composers are adept in creating music, sound effects and audio masterpieces that stir the soul.

Lighting Design

We place the spotlight on your event by using state-of-the-art lighting equipment to create a spectacular visual feast.

Projection & LED

We are skilled in enhancing your presentations or shows with special projection methods and LED solutions.

Playback Server Management

You can place your trust in us when it comes to broadcasting media of the highest quality.

Special Effects

We can inspire your event further by injecting some visual flairs into your show through the power of special effects.

Creative & Content Production

We are storytellers who possess the ability to create powerful and creative content to help you better engage with your audience

Experimental Designs

We immerse ourselves in new and bold design trends to bring you some of the most experimental works ever.

Concept & Production

Our team is able to conceptualise and produce content that reflects positively on your brand or product and resonates well with your audience.

Graphic & Visuals

Whether it’s posters, mastheads, backdrops or even key visuals, our team of talented designers are trained to use graphics and visuals to complement your event.

Storyboards & Pre-visualization

Our team comprises artistes who can take your stories and turn them into compelling storyboards and pre-visuals for production purposes.

Videography & Post Productions

We turn ideas into engaging videos to help you tell your story better.


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